Introducing my Gemdrop Jewelry Collection

Nancy Ramirez – Gem Drops Jewelry
Introducing my Gemdrops collection! Artisan jewelry designed with gemstones that are used in conjunction with essential oils! Drop your favorite essential oils on my jewelry and carry the healing effects with you as you wear it.

Gemstones and crystals have been revered for thousands of years for their decorative, healing, and protective properties. Just like the oils in plants, every gemstone has a unique vibration. They are beautiful and fun to collect, carry and of course, wear as jewelry.

Each Gemdrops piece is handmade and custom orders are available.

A simple guide to help you
choose healing stones for you:

BLACK/DARK BROWN STONES: grounding, protective, combat negativity
BROWN / TAN STONES: cleansing, purifying, harmony with Earth
RED/ORANGE STONES: energizing, stimulate creativity
YELLOW STONES: wealth, abundance, balancing, cheerful
GREEN STONES: compassion, support new ideas, emotional healing
PINK STONES encourage love, forgiveness, comforting
BLUE STONES: communication, peace, relaxation
PURPLE STONES: intuition, awareness, service to others
CLEAR/WHITE STONES: uplifting, energizing, purifying